Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How to interview a job..4 skills

第1篇: 巧妙回答面试官的4个冷僻问题

 关于转工原因。回答时应针对工作本身出发,避免提及薪酬、福利等问题,以免让人觉得你斤斤计较。  当问及你的缺点是什么时,老实回答之余应避免提到人格缺陷,而且回答要有技巧,例如:“我做事效率比较高,但有时会显得耐性不足。”

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Well, there is new form of software in the internet. RSS is something that has a little different if compare with other. this is because it provides a cyberspace in internet for all those webloggers, so they can have their space to communicate and interact with somebody who used the same software.
RSS is a format for syndicating news and the content of news-like sites, including major news sites like Wired, news-oriented community sites like Slashdot, and personal weblogs.
With the convenience of RSS, webloggers have their new tools to keep in touch and get the updated news from RSS and it just a simple ways to do it and no need to browse another websites to get whatever the information they wanted. Also, it has the function like forum or blogger that allow internet users left their messages or reply to the original writers.
In this situation, I do think that RSS is a good news for all internet users no matter what kind are they. This is because the emergence os some new softwares in internet have their advantages and disadvantages for all internet users. But their emergences is just want to give more conveniences and more space to rise our lifestyle and the ways we communicate and interact with other people.
So, I think the emergence of RSS is not just to tell us how great that the technologies had developed but it has told us that the new ways, new situation and the new development of the society in the future that lead our social life.
Otherwise, we can use the information that included in the RSS and link them to our blogs or our homepages to give the more truthful and trustful messages and information to our readers. In, RSS, the news or information that mostly given by internet users such as WIKI.
Finally, I'm very agree I will looking for the new sofewares such as this to help me to be more active and creative with my information that I would like to published them into internet.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

About My Blog...

Before I take this course, I have ever seen this kind of websites in the internet while I browsing it. At that moment, I don't know what it for and how it works and I just think that it's another form like forum emergence in internet.
At that time, because I just see the writer put their comment and opinion in their blogs and then updated it after a few days. So, that's why I think the blogs is work like the forum in the beginner.
After I have taken this course, and after I praticed for a few times in processing my and doing my own blog. I know how it works and what are the purposes that engourages blogs emergence in the internet.
When I started to blogging my blog, I got some problems and I just know how to published my messages and information by typing words. Then, I try how to link to another websites or homepages to let my readers to know more about my describetion when I wanna them to know and understand what I'm gonna say in my blog.
After a few weeks, I have learnt how to post the photos or pictures through, then I also learnt something about HTML that I had never known before after I visit the sitemeter websites and try to put the visiting of viewers into my blogs.
Now, I have post something to my blogs when I got something I want to post to my readers or something that I feel it meanful for me. Unfortunately, I haven't received any response from my readers and I feel a little sad for it. But what I gonna do is just waiting for it, and I know it could be happen in the future day.
So, I just want to say that blog have given me something I have never known before and it has made a little changes in my life. I think I will continuing to do my blog after the course ended. That's what the couse give me and what I learn from it.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

My assignment about the Wiki. Check it out.

Wiki is software that allowed the internet users provides their web design or the information to the internet. Before the process, users usually design their homepage or website or HTML page by the usage of Wiki. After that, they will post or link the concerned message or homepages to the internet and let another internet user access to their distributed information.This is the simple way and the most convenience way for those internet users to share their opinion or latest news that happened in their local with another user or browser through internet. I think this Wiki software is a very good tool which used in internet because it let another person post their opinion, discussion, news, features, or the story that people ever experienced before into the internet and make the interaction between themselves and another internet users all over the world.Also, Wiki have many services that included Wikinews, Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and so on. It has given the more space and it functioned as a tool that provides more space to the cyberspace that appears in internet. Cyberspace, as we know it is another form of public sphere. In our reality, we just can share our opinion through public sphere in our society such as newspaper, radio, debate, conference, speech, and others. But if the situation changed to internet, we can post our opinion, point of view or even critics to the cyberspace via forum, e-mail, bloggers, and so on. It is the same concepts with the Wiki software because Wiki have that kind of functions, tools, and space to let internet users all around the world put their written news or any other information to its website and then share with other people. After we see some articles or particular features that post in the Wiki websites, we can give our own opinion and whatever we thinking of about the topic to the websites as a response. So it has given the communication or interaction to the producers or writer with the readers. It a better to perform something that can not did by the unprofessional writer or journalist to report something to another people to make them more concerned to the topic or the news that they have written.But the Wiki do have its disadvantages that the administrator or editor in the Wiki websites can not hundred out of percent make sure that the news given by the internet users is true and real. This is the main point and the main problems that we can not control, if the writer provides something that not true to the internet and make non-sense to the readers even some influences to the readers, we can not avoid from it and we just receive the information in that websites and decoding it. After we got the information, no matter what are the influences would causing to us, we have just put the information to our brain and we can not forget it for a while. If that happened and we received the wrong and misleading information, we would just misunderstood and it will caused another serious effect and problems to our life. So, the emergence of Wiki have the both advantages and disadvantages but we can make it to become better because it depend on what kind of news and what kind of information that we got through the Wiki websites and we can make the changes to the websites and won let this kind of problems happened to us again in the future. This is because I believe the human can solve every problem in the world except we say no to the problems.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Additional Assignment about Jurisdiction

After the appearance of the internet, there were many new thing appear in our life such as cyberspace, public sphere, digital divide and so on. Thus, this chapter is talking about the jurisdiction cases caused by internet and we should discuss it and think what was going on and what should we do if happen this kind of cases.
I think the jurisdiction issues is the thing most difficult been judged because the cases caused by internet and it concerned and involved different countries and areas. So, this is the mainly problem faced by internet jurisdiction cases. We must think where should we argue and sue the case that had defame us such as the case of Dow Jones & Co, what they argue is the place of the news published and distributed. So, different countries have their different cyberlaws or multimedia laws as a standard to judge a case. Then, if we sue the case in the place which distributed the news against us and defame us, we might not win in the end of the jurisdiction even we could lose in the end. It’s just due to the constitution laws in different country is not same.
Anyway, in my opinion, I think that we should take it too hard to face this kind of problems because I just believe it can be solved like the media laws in our society. If the writer or journalist really writing something that’s not the truth and the fake news, that’s very common for us to sue him but is it really useful for us to clarify the truth? I guess not because the articles or the information has been published and have been read by many internet users, they would not more concern about what is the truth and who’s the winner in the end, they just got the information what they want, maybe it’s not the reality information but the readers have already got the information, it’s difficult to wash their brain again and they have some memories about the case. Just imagine the instance I give here, If somebody said me as a cheater, liar and dishonest person and this information distributed very fast in my college. Then, many people would think that I’m that kind of person although I’m actually not that kind of person. It would be a serious harmful to my reputation because we can’t make sure that hundred percent of the people who received those information has been brain washed and clear that I’m not that kind os person.
Finally, I just want to say that the jurisdiction cases is more difficult to figure out who’s right and who’s wrong because it concerned and involved many issues that can effect the jurisdiction of the cases such as policy, economic benefits, constitution of country, reputation of nation when judge this case, and many others issues that would make the final decision in the judgment.
So, what can we do and what should we do is just think this case in different point of views. Maybe it could have some views that can solve this kind of case completely and perfectly.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Deep Linking Assignment...

After reading your article about the deep linking appearance in World Wide Web, I think it have just became the problems faced by Online company.
I did not critic too much about the deep linking because I found the deep linking is always good for my life and it have brought many advantages, benefits and convenience to me. I got a lot of information through online deep linking which organized by each websites I have visited and browsed. It’s ok and fine for me because as a user and reader in internet, we need this kind of service or activities to help us capture more information in internet that we want. Just imagine without this kind of action, we are all feel too difficult to get more information and completely messages that we want, or concerned with our topic. But if we have this kind of deep linking, it’s provides internet user or organization even the companies link another website in his websites, bloggers and homepage. It does allow another person got the right to access the information in internet. Also, internet users do not need to find out another way to get the extra information that he want. It have save many time, spirit and more convenience to the user.
But if this deep linking action happen to online company, it would be a serious problem for them and must troubling and bothering them at anytime, in anyplace. This might caused or would caused them lost a lot profit made in internet because some of the online company provide their service and sold items via websites. If the deep linking link another website as their content in their websites or homepages, it would caused the internet users just visit the websites which did the deep linking. As a result, internet users might not know they are visiting another website after they click on the blue colour words in the websites. So, they may thought they using the services provides by the company but it’s not the truth. So, the company will angry and will take the legal action to sue that company which done the deep linking to the company.
In those three cases teacher mentioned in your articles, I think the reasons and the purposes that encourage those companies such as ticketmaster and, Newsbooster, and Bidder’s Edge case, they just want to stop another unit in internet that would impact their profit. I think the main reason is about the profit making, if there is no any profit conflict between both companies, I think the deep linking problems would not be serious like this day.
Anyway, that’s just my opinion and maybe it would be wrong point of view to other people. But I want mention this before I ending my opinion that I agree with deep linking but not deeper linking like copy and paste because it’s just like a piracy the products in our market.
Don’t you agree with me?

Thursday, May 19, 2005

第1篇: 感悟人生的十句話

Just read these quotes:
1. 愛一個人而那個人不愛你是很讓人難受的,但更痛苦的是,愛一個人,卻永遠都沒勇氣告訴他。
2. 生命中最悲哀的一件事,就是遇到了一個對你來說很重要的人,但你卻到了最后才發現,一切都太遲了,你無力回天,只好任其隨風而逝。
3. 最好的朋友是你們靜坐在游廊上,一句話也不說,當你們各自走開的時候,仍感到你們經歷了一場十分精彩的對話。
4. 當我們失去的時候,才知道自己曾經擁有。
5. 只需一分鐘就可以碰到一個人,一小時喜歡上一個人,一天愛上一個人,但需要花盡一生的時間去忘掉一個人。
6. 不要追求外表,它會騙人。不要追求財富,它會消失。追求一個能經常讓你微笑的人吧,因為微笑會讓你灰暗的世界豁然開朗、陽光明媚
7. 夢自己想夢的,做自己想做的,因為生命只有一次,機會不會再來
8. 一句無心的話也許會點燃糾紛,一句殘酷的話也許會毀掉生命,一句及時的話也許會消釋緊張,一句知心的話也許會愈合傷口、挽救他人。
9. 最快樂的人所擁有的一切東西并不都是最好的,但他們會充分享受自己已有的東西。
10. 愛情是以微笑開始,以吻生長,以淚結束。你出生的時候,你哭著,周圍的人笑著﹔在生命的盡頭,你笑著,而周圍的人在哭著

These ten quote are very meanful and I'm very agree with it. It caused me think many things that across my life.

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