Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bomb Attack in Cairo

I choose the news article concerned bomb attack happened in Cairo of Egypt. Here are some articles I found in

1. Bomb in Cairo tourist bazaar kills two, injures 18

CAIRO - A probable suicide bomb attack on Thursday in a Cairo bazaar popular with tourists killed a French woman and the bomber, Egyptian officials said.

2. Tourists Killed in Nail Bomb Carnage

A nail bomb exploded among a group of tourists in a historic Cairo bazaar, killing at least two people and wounding 18.

3. Bombing at Cairo Tourist Site Leaves 2 Dead, 18 Wounded

CAIRO, April 7 - A small bomb apparently stuffed with nails exploded Thursday near the heart of the main tourist bazaar here, killing 2 people including a French woman and an unidentified man and wounding 18 others, according to the Egyptian Interior Ministry and senior police officials.

4. Blast in Cairo, 2 killed

An explosion hit a tour group shopping in a historic bazaar in Cairo on Thursday, killing at least two people and wounding 20.

5. Bomb kills tourists in Cairo street

A French tourist was one of two people killed, and several Americans were among at least 18 injured, when a man hurled a bomb in Cairo's old city yesterday.

That's a bomb accident happened in Cairo, Egypt. This accident has killed two tourists who are French woman and the bomber man. It has 18 foreigners injured and wounded in this case. One of the witnesses said:' that was a big explosion and everybody ran away".
After the bomb attack, some official person like Egypt state-run Middle East News Agency, The US Embassy in Cairo and so on issued a warning for people in Cairo particularly American to leave that place immediately to avoid from the attack again.
Those wounded peoples including four French, three Americans, an Italian, a Turk and nine Egyptians have sent to hospital and they're safe as far as possible. According to the nurse in Hussein Hospital said that those treated people wounded by nail which an inches long and shards of glass which embedded in their body.
This is not the first time Cairo been attacked by tourists in Egypt, the last attack against tourists in Egypt occurred last October, and 34 people died in bombing.
The bomber attack has caused me recall the accident of 911 which happened in year 2001. It's all about the tourists attack and damage to us but what I think is, what are the reasons that caused them did these actions. What I thought is the reason about the relationship between Islamic and Christian. Both of them have a lot of conflict since thousand years ago till today.
For Christians, they just call those Islamic people as terrorist and don't have freedom in their life and nation. Also, I think the other reason is they want to erupt their disgust, angry and complaint through this harsh way. If those countries especially USA didn't do any unfair or horrible thing to them, why would they like to do this gruesome action for their enemies? Is it just for fun? I don't think so.
By the way, in 911 accidents, most of the news is all about the USA and the critical all point to Iraq. Those published and distributed news are mostly pro-America. So, there must be many news and reason or situation that we don't know didn't distribute or released in the major newspaper. So, the media has affected our mind and opinion to interpret thing.
Finally, I hope those wounded people in hospital could get the best treatment and recovery as fast as possible to continue their life happiness. Also, they should try to forget this horrible accident and take it becoming easy.
For government, I suggest they should solve this problem quickly and fairly by find out what are the reasons caused this bomber attack happened. Also, after solved the problem, the Egyptian government also should have a press conference with purpose clarified the story contained in this case.
So, journalists around this world can write their news related to one source and the misunderstood and misleading can be reduced to lower grade. Then, we could get the news fairly and could think this case even other cases in different point of view. If that so, we were the smart audience and not the salve of media. Anyway, I think these are the better way to improve our awareness no matter what kind of identity are we and wherever we live in this world.


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