Friday, April 01, 2005

Have you seen these movie?(Entertainment)

Here, I want to introduce some movie that I like........just like hide and seek, spiderman 2, van helsing and so on.

Sadly, the movie shifts gear into thriller denouement mode where everything soullessly clicks into place. The film does not cheat, but the meticulous calculation of the screenplay is ostensibly devoid of elegance and inspiration.

I have seen this movie for three times and It's very impressive for me. After I watched this movie, I always think the contain of movie in my mind and try to understanding it completely because the skill of director to present this movie is different.
The director flip-flopped the time of the story of movie and try to make Charlie become a reality.
I found the answer when I almost finished this movie. Huh, it's very great movie and perfect, so I introduce to all of you who seen my blog...Thanks.


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