Friday, April 01, 2005

It's time for SpiderMan 2

Spiderman 2, which the famous movie in year 2004 and I believe you must seen it before when you see this blog message.

A solid addition to the ongoing series, 'Spider-Man 2' sets-up the story nicely for the next film, with Harry Osborn seemingly ready to inherit the mask of the Green Goblin and the introduction of Doc Connor as Peter's chemistry teacher. Raimi has clearly come a long way from 'The Evil Dead', and while he continues to do justice to the original comic book, we can look forward to seeing Spider-Man, and possibly his amazing friends, in action.

What can I say about this movie? It's wonderful and exiting to me. But I just thought that is too fast for spiderman to fight with 'Doc Ock'. Anyway, the whole story, screen and actors who starring in spiderman 2 has done very well. Finally, I'll be waiting for the spiderman 3 in year 2007. I think Spiderman would be a greater and greater movie if it publish for more episodes.


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