Monday, April 25, 2005

Three Malaysian Blogs

I have choose these three Malaysian's blogs for my assignment three.


Actually I think this blog is quick interesting and it's created by a foreigner who stay in Malaysia now. This man know English, Malay and many others languages. In his recently blog, he post a story which happened in somewhere highway in Malaysia. in their conversation, the writer has made a jog while did the translation. He claryfied the story in the end and said he is very busy with his business and promise that he will post the next post in Canadian writing. After I read this blog, I'm also excited and weird that a foreigner know our national language, Melayu. Many people think that people live oversea did not know Melayu but this man is different because he know many languages and learn them well. I admire those kind of people who know many languagues because they can communicated with many people around this world and they also can be a good listener and friend although they comes from different country. Learn some languages very well is apart of my dream and I will try my best to do it well.


In this blogger, I believe the writer is Malaysian because whatever he write is the problems and troubles faced by his friend, Peter Tan who currently sit on wheelchair. In his blogger, he said that the building doesn't have the suitable facilities for those Malaysians who had some problems in their body.
Peter Tan, a fellow blogger faced this problem recently. During the height of the quake, this blogger was posting entries. Through our conversations, he revealed that he was fearful yet felt helpless. It prompted him to write to the building manager, and request that an orderly evacuation plan be created, of course, taking into account the safe removal of the disabled
After I read this blog, I found that I'm agree with the writer because our government or private company doesn't consider the problem faced by Incomplete persons and this fact had caused many uncomfortable and inconvenience for them in thier living. So, I post the banner in the bottom of my blog and hope who have seen my blog can also click on the banner to concern more about this situation faced by Peter Tan, even others people like Peter Tan.
"Give more concerning to the people unlucky, try to make them live happiness."


The writer in this blog said that his friend (actually in internet) has been nomineted the Best Malaysian Blog in the Asia Award 2004s organized by Simon World. He also conglatulated to Encik Hulaimi the Beta-Blogger too! His Jalan-Jalan... was voted the Best Political Blog in the same Asia Blog Awards 2004! I think sometimes we should be rewards by some nomination or earned some benefits by others people or organization because I think this is the only way we could be noticed by others people and made us more confidence with our works, project or even the things that we had already done. Such as this event, I also want to congratulate to those people who had mentioned by writer and I hope they will do their blog greater in the future time. What did I learn from this blogger? It's too simple, I just know that I want to make my blog to be better and capture more attantion by others people. So, I will be one of the nominee of the Asia Awards in the following years. This is also apart of my dreams and my goals.
Also, this is the links to see the nomination.


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