Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Holiday Assignment...

These four chapters is discussing about the emergence of internet media such as newspapers, magazines, radio stations and so on. They use many examples for the online media such as, Amazon, and particularly the Daily Me. The writer uses many points to support his point of views which said this style of internet media could nor really brought and lead the development of democracy in world.
Just because of the chapter is quick long and it’s all about the descriptions for the Daily Me. So that I just can recall some of the points in that chapter, I agree with the writer and I think that the emergence of online media particularly the Daily Me could not leading the development of democracy because the audiences or the users can decide their choice to receive whatever the news sources they want and they like. So, they can avoid the nonsense and bothering information and messages they did not interested and did not want. Finally they just get what they want to know and could not receive other information or news happen in this world even concerned themselves.
This situation caused them just thought a part of the common news and could not give them a full version. So, it would be the difficult troubles and problems to make them more open-minded and have their ability of different point of views. If every people in a society received their information and news through this kind of ways, it can not give them a completely information and news that they should know.
Unfortunately, those users did not make their decision carefully in choosing sources of news, and they only choose what they want to know and interested to. So this is the disadvantages of the online media tools and websites. Its have the power of filtering the messages and discussing even the opinions distributed in internet by other peoples. This is the main point and the main problem faced by development of democracy through internet.
Also, Personalized news reduces the role of editors in the news equation. The reporter writes the story, the copy editor (if there is one) edits it, another person indexes it for easy retrieval, and the user decides what's important. So,
Personalization is not just a cool feature of new media ? it's intrinsic to new media. Unlike radio, television or print, the Internet is the only medium that is inherently personalizable. Users can be reached simultaneously with one-of-a-kind messages. The old formula of editors and news directors having the lone say in determining what's important has become an anachronism in cyberspace. The user, after all, is in the best position to know what he or she finds most interesting, valuable, useful or newsworthy
Anyway, I hope the users of new media no matter with what kind of the communication facilities, we must be avoid the selective and personalization because these two factor and behavior would consequence our perception and influence our point of view just because it have the function of filter and we could not receive the formal information completely. And I hope this situation would make some changes in the future time.


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