Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Additional Assignment about Jurisdiction

After the appearance of the internet, there were many new thing appear in our life such as cyberspace, public sphere, digital divide and so on. Thus, this chapter is talking about the jurisdiction cases caused by internet and we should discuss it and think what was going on and what should we do if happen this kind of cases.
I think the jurisdiction issues is the thing most difficult been judged because the cases caused by internet and it concerned and involved different countries and areas. So, this is the mainly problem faced by internet jurisdiction cases. We must think where should we argue and sue the case that had defame us such as the case of Dow Jones & Co, what they argue is the place of the news published and distributed. So, different countries have their different cyberlaws or multimedia laws as a standard to judge a case. Then, if we sue the case in the place which distributed the news against us and defame us, we might not win in the end of the jurisdiction even we could lose in the end. It’s just due to the constitution laws in different country is not same.
Anyway, in my opinion, I think that we should take it too hard to face this kind of problems because I just believe it can be solved like the media laws in our society. If the writer or journalist really writing something that’s not the truth and the fake news, that’s very common for us to sue him but is it really useful for us to clarify the truth? I guess not because the articles or the information has been published and have been read by many internet users, they would not more concern about what is the truth and who’s the winner in the end, they just got the information what they want, maybe it’s not the reality information but the readers have already got the information, it’s difficult to wash their brain again and they have some memories about the case. Just imagine the instance I give here, If somebody said me as a cheater, liar and dishonest person and this information distributed very fast in my college. Then, many people would think that I’m that kind of person although I’m actually not that kind of person. It would be a serious harmful to my reputation because we can’t make sure that hundred percent of the people who received those information has been brain washed and clear that I’m not that kind os person.
Finally, I just want to say that the jurisdiction cases is more difficult to figure out who’s right and who’s wrong because it concerned and involved many issues that can effect the jurisdiction of the cases such as policy, economic benefits, constitution of country, reputation of nation when judge this case, and many others issues that would make the final decision in the judgment.
So, what can we do and what should we do is just think this case in different point of views. Maybe it could have some views that can solve this kind of case completely and perfectly.


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