Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Deep Linking Assignment...

After reading your article about the deep linking appearance in World Wide Web, I think it have just became the problems faced by Online company.
I did not critic too much about the deep linking because I found the deep linking is always good for my life and it have brought many advantages, benefits and convenience to me. I got a lot of information through online deep linking which organized by each websites I have visited and browsed. It’s ok and fine for me because as a user and reader in internet, we need this kind of service or activities to help us capture more information in internet that we want. Just imagine without this kind of action, we are all feel too difficult to get more information and completely messages that we want, or concerned with our topic. But if we have this kind of deep linking, it’s provides internet user or organization even the companies link another website in his websites, bloggers and homepage. It does allow another person got the right to access the information in internet. Also, internet users do not need to find out another way to get the extra information that he want. It have save many time, spirit and more convenience to the user.
But if this deep linking action happen to online company, it would be a serious problem for them and must troubling and bothering them at anytime, in anyplace. This might caused or would caused them lost a lot profit made in internet because some of the online company provide their service and sold items via websites. If the deep linking link another website as their content in their websites or homepages, it would caused the internet users just visit the websites which did the deep linking. As a result, internet users might not know they are visiting another website after they click on the blue colour words in the websites. So, they may thought they using the services provides by the company but it’s not the truth. So, the company will angry and will take the legal action to sue that company which done the deep linking to the company.
In those three cases teacher mentioned in your articles, I think the reasons and the purposes that encourage those companies such as ticketmaster and, Newsbooster, and Bidder’s Edge case, they just want to stop another unit in internet that would impact their profit. I think the main reason is about the profit making, if there is no any profit conflict between both companies, I think the deep linking problems would not be serious like this day.
Anyway, that’s just my opinion and maybe it would be wrong point of view to other people. But I want mention this before I ending my opinion that I agree with deep linking but not deeper linking like copy and paste because it’s just like a piracy the products in our market.
Don’t you agree with me?


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