Wednesday, June 08, 2005

About My Blog...

Before I take this course, I have ever seen this kind of websites in the internet while I browsing it. At that moment, I don't know what it for and how it works and I just think that it's another form like forum emergence in internet.
At that time, because I just see the writer put their comment and opinion in their blogs and then updated it after a few days. So, that's why I think the blogs is work like the forum in the beginner.
After I have taken this course, and after I praticed for a few times in processing my and doing my own blog. I know how it works and what are the purposes that engourages blogs emergence in the internet.
When I started to blogging my blog, I got some problems and I just know how to published my messages and information by typing words. Then, I try how to link to another websites or homepages to let my readers to know more about my describetion when I wanna them to know and understand what I'm gonna say in my blog.
After a few weeks, I have learnt how to post the photos or pictures through, then I also learnt something about HTML that I had never known before after I visit the sitemeter websites and try to put the visiting of viewers into my blogs.
Now, I have post something to my blogs when I got something I want to post to my readers or something that I feel it meanful for me. Unfortunately, I haven't received any response from my readers and I feel a little sad for it. But what I gonna do is just waiting for it, and I know it could be happen in the future day.
So, I just want to say that blog have given me something I have never known before and it has made a little changes in my life. I think I will continuing to do my blog after the course ended. That's what the couse give me and what I learn from it.


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