Thursday, June 02, 2005

My assignment about the Wiki. Check it out.

Wiki is software that allowed the internet users provides their web design or the information to the internet. Before the process, users usually design their homepage or website or HTML page by the usage of Wiki. After that, they will post or link the concerned message or homepages to the internet and let another internet user access to their distributed information.This is the simple way and the most convenience way for those internet users to share their opinion or latest news that happened in their local with another user or browser through internet. I think this Wiki software is a very good tool which used in internet because it let another person post their opinion, discussion, news, features, or the story that people ever experienced before into the internet and make the interaction between themselves and another internet users all over the world.Also, Wiki have many services that included Wikinews, Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and so on. It has given the more space and it functioned as a tool that provides more space to the cyberspace that appears in internet. Cyberspace, as we know it is another form of public sphere. In our reality, we just can share our opinion through public sphere in our society such as newspaper, radio, debate, conference, speech, and others. But if the situation changed to internet, we can post our opinion, point of view or even critics to the cyberspace via forum, e-mail, bloggers, and so on. It is the same concepts with the Wiki software because Wiki have that kind of functions, tools, and space to let internet users all around the world put their written news or any other information to its website and then share with other people. After we see some articles or particular features that post in the Wiki websites, we can give our own opinion and whatever we thinking of about the topic to the websites as a response. So it has given the communication or interaction to the producers or writer with the readers. It a better to perform something that can not did by the unprofessional writer or journalist to report something to another people to make them more concerned to the topic or the news that they have written.But the Wiki do have its disadvantages that the administrator or editor in the Wiki websites can not hundred out of percent make sure that the news given by the internet users is true and real. This is the main point and the main problems that we can not control, if the writer provides something that not true to the internet and make non-sense to the readers even some influences to the readers, we can not avoid from it and we just receive the information in that websites and decoding it. After we got the information, no matter what are the influences would causing to us, we have just put the information to our brain and we can not forget it for a while. If that happened and we received the wrong and misleading information, we would just misunderstood and it will caused another serious effect and problems to our life. So, the emergence of Wiki have the both advantages and disadvantages but we can make it to become better because it depend on what kind of news and what kind of information that we got through the Wiki websites and we can make the changes to the websites and won let this kind of problems happened to us again in the future. This is because I believe the human can solve every problem in the world except we say no to the problems.


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